Sunday, July 19, 2009

Heading Down South

I will be out of town for work for the next week. Beth, my co-worker, and I are heading down to Charleston, OR for the tide series. I leave in a few hours and get back on Saturday. It kind of sucks to not be at home, but we get paid for a full 8 hours a day while down there (even if we're only in the field for 4 hours) and we get paid a per diem as well, so it's not a bad deal. I just feel bad leaving CJ at home for so long, but he'll be closing every night this week, so it's not so bad.

Brian and I just had a joint birthday party last night. His birthday is next Saturday and mine was about a week and a half ago(and during a tide series), so we decided to split the difference and have a joint party. Most of the people there were Brian's biochem buddies, but it was still fun. Brian definitely puked in the sink, which was probably the ultimate goal of most of the people at the party. The getting him to puke part, not the in the sink part. I am surprised I feel as good as I do, but as drinking is nowhere near a weekly event for me anymore, it doesn't take much to get me drunk so I don't get as hungover these days. Unless I drink 3 bottles of wine. Now that's trouble.

Anyway, I'm off to eat breakfast and pack. Charleston happens to be a pretty laid back really laid back....because no one lives there.... I will be bringing the 10th Kingdom with me, and the Clive Barker book (it's ginormous!) that I borrowed from CJ, and my bead work for my independent study along....I hope it's enough!


  1. The joint birthday party sounds like it was fun. Anytime you can get someone to throw up whilst drinking you know you've done something right.

    If you get too bored give me a call! Thought it sounds like you've brought a lot to keep you busy.

  2. The manual to RISK was sitting at Mike's house, probably unmoved since that fateful night. Please. . .step away from the cavalry. They never did anything to you.