Friday, December 3, 2010


So December is here already... and I feel like I should get into the festive spirit...but that's hard to do when you have no source of income.

Let's face it, this holiday is ALL ABOUT SPENDING MONEY. How do you celebrate it without spending money? I mean, I'm trying, but some spending is inevitable. I am making most Christmas presents this year and maybe even some home decorations, but we didn't really decorate for Christmas last we have nothing. The fact that we want to get a tree this year means we need all sorts of paraphernalia for that. At least we have stockings. At least.

So what have I been doing with myself since NaNoWriMo finished and I have been out of work? Well, I usually make at least one visit to where CJ, Ariana and everyone else I know works. Yeah, I'm that obnoxious person who drives down productivity. My bad. I have also knit one scarf, studies for the GREs, applied for several jobs, continued the process of applying to grad school by asking old professors to write recommendations (got one yes, another I know is a yes), started working on my group gifts and watched copious amounts of TV on my computer. Yep, it's been a productive week.

Today, I have an interview at Panera. I am excited simply because this is the first interview I've gotten and it gives me hope that I won't be jobless for too much longer. On the other hand, I can't help but feel that it's ridiculous to get excited about a job interview at Panera. I mean, I like their food and all, but it is in the food service industry. Like, seriously? I have a freaking degree! Come on, I have to be able to do better than food service! And I am, going to the interview.

What choice do I have? No one else has called for an interview yet. The problem is that I really enjoy working outdoors. I've done it several times now, and while it's exhausting, it's far less likely to bore me. The problem is that this is not the season for outdoor work. What else do I have the experience for? Retail. Ugh.

It doesn't help that all, ALL of my friends have decent jobs now. None of them are in retail. They all make $12+ an hour in potential career jobs. Most of them don't even have degrees. So by comparison, I feel pretty damn lame. I know that I can't hold myself to others as comparison, but I always have....and until now I've felt pretty ok with it all.

Time to get back to studying for the GREs so that I can go to grad school and get a Masters degree and then get a REAL job! Woo!